FlickerStage - An Advanced Photo Booth Experience!

Our Focus

Primary areas of focus for FlickerStage


Is your company having a convention? Will your attendees be loaded with great information to help them grow? Have a FlickerStage photo booth there to help them have fun, cut loose, and capture that moment of personal growth!

Company Events and Sponsorships

Does your company sponsor events in your community? Do you put on events for your clients? A FlickerStage photo booth will make it memorable for sure, and with your logo on the backdrop, they’ll always remember who made their photo booth fun possible.

Trade Shows

We love trade shows! A FlickerStage photo booth as a great interactive way to draw attendees into your booth. The photos are digital so we drive those attendees back to your to your site to retrieve their fun picture!

What Is FlickerStage?

FlickerStage is Photo Booth Fun!!

Photo booths are nothing new, but FlickerStage is unlike anything you've seen before

We bring you into the experience with three easy steps

1. Step in front of the camera

2. Make your best pose

3. Snap the picture yourself using the remote

All of your pictures are great every time, all of your pictures are available online, and you can take as many pictures as you like and see immediately how the pictures turned out.

It's all fun and you'll keep coming back for more.

  • Branding

    Using a backdrop with your logo or message it will be in the background of every picture.

  • Fun

    People love FlickerStage and all the props.

  • Memories

    All your guests will have access to all the photos online.

  • Engagement

    With FlickerStage YOU snap the picture using the remote when YOU are ready. People love it!

Who is FlickerStage?

The team that helps extend your brand by making sure your guests have fun and remember the experience:
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David Neil

After 20 years of solving problems for people all around the world as a software professional, since 2015 David has enjoyed introducing FlickerStage to new clients in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.
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Michelle Neil

With years of experience in the Air Force and the private sector, Michelle makes the perfect business partner. As Co-owner of FlickerStage she helps ensure the guest experience is fun every time.
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The Star of your Show
FlickerStage enjoyed its early years delighting thousands in Texas. Now in Utah it’s delighting thousands more.

It also has a new younger brother who made his debut in the fall of 2016


Invite FlickerStage to your event

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