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Ideas for a Bachelor Party

Your best friend is getting married – that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You have the honour of planning the bachelor party, and an honour it is. The traditional bachelor party flies in the face of the values of marriage – it’s a final test for the groom. For those hoping to avoid the potential backlash, there are a number of activities that are man-approved and completely entertaining. Here are some ideas of activities that are age neutral and fun for both genders – a great way for the bride and groom to start their new lives together. Give us a chance – we think you’ll see the opportunities for entertainment.


Paintball Arena Day

We won’t set our photo booths up outside, but that doesn’t mean this can’t be an incredible outing. If you want to think about building teamwork, what better environment than all out armed conflict? This is a way for the groom to face off against his friends while working with his bride. Alternatively, friends can face off against each other in what might be the most primal of settings. Operating entirely on instinct and, perhaps against regulation, a bachelor paintball party has all of the physical ramifications of friendship and competition rolled into one. Imagine if a Flicker Stage photo was required each time someone was put out of a game. You can still see a smile, and you can still see pain through a paint-covered facemask. What better way to spend your bachelor party? Well you could trade in that paintball gun for something with a bit more kick...

Shooting Range

Texans love their guns – and with good reason. If you want to celebrate masculinity, liberty, and power, there is absolutely no better way than putting a few rounds down range. Not only will this be an opportunity to get professional-grade firearms training, you can also demonstrate your prowess through a Flicker Stage photo booth. Those who are consistently hitting their targets will have ample opportunity to pose with perforated cutouts – proof beyond the poster you take home with you. The digital nature of our photos means it’s easy to share your evidence with the world.

Private Concerts

For the less firearm inclined, you may want to host a private concert. Once you reserve a venue, you’re free to invite whoever you want – whatever amenities you desire, so long as you aren’t breaking the rental terms. With such freedom to plan, you may want to think about bringing in the groom’s favourite bands, local or otherwise. Concerts can get pretty rowdy. Imagine having an easy to use booth to document every individual at every stage of celebration. If you don’t want to act like the star of the show, the least you can do is take photo opportunities with the band members. Pose and prop your way to stardom!


If you’re planning a bachelor party, the most important thing you can do is understand the groom’s limits. Sometimes, you should push them. Other times, you shouldn’t. The fact is, you should be generating memories at a completely unprecedented rate. With any luck it will be the last time you see your friend anywhere close to single – and you should celebrate that fact with him. No matter what your party circumstances are, you should consider a photo booth rental. We can help you preserve these times – not only with party suggestions, but with physical reminders of the debauchery you created.

Reader Comments (2)

you people are just great enjoying your bachelor life with great parties. idea of bachelor party is something unavoidable

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBachelor Party

As someone who didn't have a bachelor party, which I regret, post like these make me yearn for a do over.

August 23, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjon

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